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We take data protection very seriously at the Academy and can confirm that no data is used for any purpose other than for the administration of the Academy and as such, data is not passed on to any other party or used for any other purpose except as noted below. The requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998 and the introduction of GDPR are far reaching but in essence it is now required that parents’ consent (or do not consent) as well as children aged 13 agree or disagree with respect to the conditions noted below.

All parents / guardians are required to fill out the on-line registration form or downloadable pdf without exception.   This data is solely used for communication purposes with parents / guardians in the event of bad weather or other factors which may affect the running of classes or your child within the Academy.   It is also used to register and allocate students to classes.

All Parents must now download and sign off on the business terms & conditions to ensure that existing enrolled students may continue with the Academy as well as new students.   The enrolment section of the business terms & conditions must be signed by the parent or guardian concerned as well as all children enrolled in the Academy provided, they are aged 13 or above.   Enrolments will not be accepted unless the registration form and the Terms & Conditions are signed.

Is this a New Submission or an Amendment ?

In accordance with general GDPR requirements, All parents and any child aged 13 or over must now provide confirmation that:

This form must be signed by the childs parent and countersigned if the child is aged 13 or more

Should a parent(s) or guardian(s) not submit a completed GDPR for via our online GDPR section and if your child(ren) enrol within the academy within the meaning of enrollment as stated in the terms & condition, then WSA will ASSUME that each parent(s) or guardian(s) agree to all terms as required by this declaration and specifically that 3.a,b &c are expressly agreed to.

GDPR form submitted

It should be noted that under general GDPR rules and regulations we do not require your consent to contact you via email, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger solely for the management of the Academy including but not restricted to informing you of classes,  change of classes,  change of venue, examinations and timetables, staff changes, Fee management including unpaid fees or other information that may affect your participation in the Academy and the normal day to day management of the Academy

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