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Annual Show - 26th March 2022 - Filming

Both performances held on 26th March 2022 are now available for purchase.

Both performances are now available in Full 1080HD.   Video(s) purchase is for
YOUR OWN USE ONLY  ie available to parents and close relatives of the students taking part. Under NO circumstances can any part of either show be edited and or used within any personal or other social media setting otherwise this would be a breech of general GDPR guidelines as some parents do not wish their children to be shown within social media or other publicly available media.   Please ensure this is strictly observed as any person posting material for which permission has not been granted would possibly be liable to prosecution.   WSA has no control as to what may happen once the video(s) have been purchased and shall not be held responsible / liable for any unauthorised public posting of any material which may found in the public domain without prior permmission(s) being granted.

Performances are only available via download.   This preserves the true HD qulity of the production whaereas encoding to a DVD compatible with most current DVD (and legacy) players will mean a loss of quality and definition. Given the current approximate lowest download speeds available of 54mbps, then each video will take approximately 6-7 minutes to download provided no other devices are being used within your domestic setting at the time.

Please note that due to members of the audience arriving in the auditorium late or leaving or returning during the performances, this caused the upper tiers of the seating gantry to significantly wobble. There is some camera "blur" because of the movement in the seating gantry which caused the camera to attempt to regain focus.  Some of this "blur" has been removed during post production but there is approx 7-8 seconds in total during the 1.45 performance and slightly less during the 4-45 performance.  The download  pricing has been reduced to reflect this short lived problem and it shouldn't distract from your enjoyment of the performances.

Video Ordering

1-45 Performance

4-45 Performance

The cost of EACH performance by DOWNLOAD ONLY is £10.99.

Payment is by BANK TRANSFER only.  Please remit to :

Account Name : Mr Geoffrey C Lee
Sort CODE : 07-01-16
Account #  : 28485488

PLEASE ENSURE that you reference your bank transfer  by using "Last Name"  as noted when ordering.

Thanks for Ordering

DOWNLOAD Invitations

Download invitations are unique to the applicant and can not be shared with another party as the download will be rejected. 

REFUND Policy.

No refunds are available for any orders under any circumstances.  
WSA will not be held responsible for any failures in downloads as this is a solely a domestic IT matter.  Downloads are via Google and have been tested for completeness etc.

Please allow 1 - 3 working days to receive your download invitation.

Both performances are also available in FULL 4K HD.   The cost of each performance is £17.50 and is ONLY available on download. Because of the significant size of 4KHD files, using a relatively slow 54mbps speed will mean the download will take approximately 1 1/2 hours.   Using a 500mbps speed, the download will take approximately 10-12 minutes (and assuming no other devices are being used at the time of download.

Should you wish to order a Full 4KHD video or are unsure of any of the above, please contact and we can advise you further.

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